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Protect yourself legally using our extensive library of free legal documents and resources. Consult a lawyer at an affordable price, if needed.
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On average, businesses encounter 13 legal issues a year. Only 1 in 10 seek advice from a lawyer due to high costs and a lack of resources. Our unique solution provides quality, affordable legal consultation at a fixed rate
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We provide accessible legal solutions at an affordable and transparent rate
Free legal resources
Extensive library of free legal documents, commonly asked legal questions written by experienced lawyers, right at your finger tips
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Ask an experienced lawyer questions only when you need to, at a fixed and reasonable rate
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No commitment to a lawyer at a high hourly rate so you are free to seek a second opinion
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High cost shouldn’t stop you from being legally protected
Whether you’re an established business or just an individual seeking legal advice, Hire.Legal provides you with the adequate tools and resources you need.
Lots of free resources and documents
Reasonable and transparent rate for legal consultation
Professional lawyers with extensive experience
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  • Hire.Legal more useful than I could have imagined!

    Hire.Legal is a really great platform for small to medium sized businesses. We are a manufacturer and there are legal resources that are suited to my particular need. We have used free legal resources and documents with this platform so we can imagine that this will fuel our ventures for some time to come. You can also ask a lawyer if you are not sure about something which is particularly reassuring :) Thank you for access to this platform.
    Ringo Tse
  • Best Legal Resources in Hong Kong

    I am so glad we found Hire.Legal. I am a company secretary and I find the legal / corporate secretarial resources extremely helpful. In fact, I was so impressed with it I recommended it to several lawyers, they not only vetted it, but found useful documents for themselves. One even told me they have tried several like it and prefer Hire.Legal. For people like us that constantly need legal resources and guidance, it is a platform that I couldn't pass it up.
    Cathy Cheung
  • Very useful legal resources for Startups

    I was struggling to write up documents myself for a distribution business that I am planning to start - until I found Hire.Legal, which turns out to be a HUGE lifesaver especially for startup founders like me. Without having to hire a lawyer, I am now able to set up my company and create documents of all sorts, from the articles of association to employment contracts, with just a few clicks! Definitely worth trying out. They will also match you up with experienced lawyer at a fixed price if needed. Keep up with the good work, Hire.Legal!
    Jeffrey Phan
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